How to Juggle a Full Work Schedule While Getting Treatment for Your Depression

Depression is a chronic illness. Period. The stigma surrounding mental health is tough to overcome, and it can be difficult to take the first steps in getting the proper help and treatment.

Below, are ways to manage working a full-time while receiving adequate mental health treatments.

Balancing Act

Life, in general is a balancing act. This fact is truer when you are battling an illness while working your way up the professional ladder.

That being said, the first thing you should do is accept the fact that when you are juggling sometimes you drop the ball- you shouldn’t stress too much over this.

With depression, stress is the number one trigger of more or more severe symptoms. You need to accept that you may have some limitations and you should not blame yourself.

Flexible Therapist

Arranging consistent therapy can be difficult when you work a full-time job and the trickiest part is finding a therapist that is open late or on weekends. Consider looking into flexible outpatient therapy programs gulfport to set up a schedule with a qualified therapist.

Work Accommodations

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Once you are officially diagnosed with clinical depression the American’s with Disabilities Act states that you are eligible for workplace accommodations. The accommodations, of course, need to be reasonable and cannot prohibit you from completing the essential functions of your job.

For example, if your job requires heavy lifting but your depression causes muscle and joint pain, then your job couldn’t reasonably excuse you from doing so. On the other hand, if your depression causes you to feel fatigued, then you are eligible to receive extended breaks and extra days off so long as this does not affect project timelines.

So, if you are struggling with depression and you find yourself worried about adding-on the challenge of seeking depression treatment, then you should remember that life is a balancing act but both therapy and work can flexibly and reasonably accommodate your treatment plan.